ARS Cryogenics

Cryogenic Solutions Provided by Advanced Research Systems

ARS is the world-leading expert in engineering helium-free cryostats, flow cryostats, and probe stations tailored for your applications. We provide cryogenic closed- and open-cycle solutions from 1.5 – 800 K; up to 1.6W cooling power; ultralow vibrations < 2 nm; and high fields magnetic fields (up to 9T). Our cryogenic solutions are used for cutting-edge experiments ranging from quantum science, optical spectroscopy, to neutron scattering.

Closed-Cycle Cryostats and Related

Closed-Cycle Cryocoolers

Probe stations

Sample in Vacuum

Sample in Vapour

Ultra high vacuum (UHV)

Ultra low vibration (ULV)

77K nitrogen system

Helium compressor

High temperature interfaces


Helium Flow Cryostats and Related

LT3, 1.7K advanced liquid helium flow cryostat 

LT3B, 1.7K hellium flow cryostat with UHV

LT3M, 1.7K helium flow cryostat with UHV Manipulator

LT3-OM, the flow cryostat of choice for optical microscopy

LT4, low cost liquid helium flow cryostat

LTR, liquid helium flow cryostat designed to work for EPR, ESR, and NMR applications 

High temperature interfaces