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Company Profile

At Single Quantum, we confront every challenge with innovation, dedication, and passion. Founded in 2012, our team emerged as true pioneers of single photon detection technology: we were among the first to manufacture and commercialize superconducting nanowire single photon detectors. Since then, our multi-channel Single Quantum Eos photon detection system has been chosen by more than 100 academic and industrial labs all over the world to perform complex optical measurements.

We want to share this groundbreaking technology with you. As a sincere company with a straightforward vision, Single Quantum will develop the world’s fastest and most sensitive light sensors limited only by the laws of physics. Join us in turning photons into data!

Our Team
Sander Dorenbos, PhD 
Chief Executive Officer
Val Zwiller, Prof. 
Chief Scientific Officer
Jessie Qin-Dregely, PhD
Chief Operating Officer
Niels Los
Lead Engineer
Andreas Fognini, PhD 
Development Manager
Jan van Willigen, MSc
Production Manager
 Yves Neveu 
Order Planner
Jin Chang, PhD
Research & Application Engineer
Pei-Yi Lin, MSc
Sales Engineer
 Henri Vlot
Software Engineer
John van der Ende
Assembly Technician
Monique Gevers
Program Management Officer
Ronan Gourgues, PhD
Research Engineer
Eduard de Graaf
Assembly Technician
Antonio Guardiani, PhD 
Application Engineer
Nima Kalhor, PhD
Nanofabrication Scientist
Jelle van Rijt
Test Engineer