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10 years of Single Quantum

Tuesday, Jun 28th 2022

We had an eventful day with presentations, BBQ, gifts and tours to honour 10 years of Single Quantum and the move to a new home! Having friends, colleagues and families gathered together for a day of genuine celebration was amazing, and it was amazing to think how great our community has become in the past decade. A big THANK YOU to all the participants, to our team and to our SQ Party Planners, without whom none of this would have been possible. Ad maiora, Single Quantum!ūüöÄ

New paper!

Friday, Jun 17th 2022

In a joint collaboration with Stanford University, and the Zadeh Lab at TU Delft we've contributed to define an effective approach to reduce light scattering and increase imaging depth. This research shows that SNSPD provides the best S/N ratio in the range of 1500 - 2000 nm, enabling groundbreaking experiments in the bioimaging field. EU's SME Phase 2 project [Image adapted from Nat. Nanotechnol. (2022)]

New scientific publication with our Eos System

Tuesday, Mar 1st 2022

Congratulations to Tobias Heindel and his QuantumFutur-group at Technische Universität Berlin for this recent scientific publication! This highly collaborative work, published in Applied Physics Reviews, within the American Institute of Physics, presents a testbed for Quantum Communication at telecom O-band wavelengths using a Single Quantum Eos system to realize a low-loss 4-channel QKD receiver for polarization qubits. You can read it here!



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    Quantum Matter Conference 2022

    • 21 June – 23 June
    • 9:00 – 18:00

    We are proud to support the 2nd edition of the International Quantum Matter Conference in Barcelona!

    Are you going to visit it?

    Then you can’t miss the chance to meet us at our booth, ready to hear more about your research, or at the poster session, to give you some insights about the latest in the quantum & photonics world!

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    BQIT22: Bristol Quantum Information Technologies workshop

    • 25 April – 28 April
    • 9:00 – 17:00
    We will support the next Quantum Information Technologies workshop, at the University of Bristol!
    We look forward to discussing how powerful the quantum technology can be in so many research fields.
    You can meet us at our booth or at the poster session, ready to hear more about your research!

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    Inside Quantum Technology

    • 21 February – 23 February

    We are proud to support Inside Quantum Technology during the World’s Quantum Internet Event in The Hague.
    What better opportunity to get to know each other?
    Come talk to us at the booth, we look forward to hearing about your adventures in quantum technology!

  • Photonics Days Berlin 2021

    • 4 October
    • 18:30 – 19:30

    This week, Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2021 will be held in Berlin, Germany as an hybrid conference. Wednesday at 11:30 am CET, our CEO,¬†Sander Dorenbos, will talk on-site about “Commercialization of single-photon detectors” during the Berlin Quantum Technology Symposium 2021 alongside Quantum Delta NL’s Director, Jesse Robbers, and QDNL’s Chairman, Ronald Hanson.¬†Join this hybrid event on site or online to hear them speak!