Scientific excellence for your experiments

Single Quantum Eos

Multi-channel SNSPD closed-cycle system

Single Quantum Eos is the flagship product of Single Quantum. It consists of a compact closed-cycle cryostat, a dedicated helium compressor, fiber-coupled SNSPDs, a user-friendly electronic driver, and the Single Quantum software. Single Quantum provides the fastest and most sensitive single photon detectors on the market.
  • Unparalleled system efficiency: >85%
  • Low timing jitter: <15 ps
  • High count rate: >80 MHz
  • Low dark count rate: <10 Hz
  • No helium consumption
  • No afterpulsing
  • Continuous operation: >10,000 hours
  • Sensitivity from UV to mid-IR
  • Gating not needed
  • Long lifetime
  • Upgradeable

Single Quantum Iris-S19

The next generation single photon spectroscopy

Single Quantum Iris-S19 is a turn-key system for single photon spectroscopy and photon correlation measurement with an unprecedented time resolution and high detection efficiency. Iris-S19 couples a high-throughput spectrograph via an optical fiber to superconducting single photon detectors (SNSPDs) and processes the detection events by a qutools time correlator. It is the ideal solution for a number of applications:
  • Single photon source characterization
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Photon correlation measurements

ARS Cryogenics

Cryogenic Solutions Provided by Advanced Research Systems

ARS is the world-leading expert in engineering helium-free cryostats, flow cryostats, and probe stations tailored for your applications. We provide cryogenic closed- and open-cycle solutions from 1.5 – 800 K; up to 1.6W cooling power; ultralow vibrations < 2 nm; and high fields magnetic fields (up to 9T). Our cryogenic solutions are used for cutting-edge experiments ranging from quantum science, optical spectroscopy, to neutron scattering.

Single Quantum Hermes

Solid-state single photon source

The Single Quantum Hermes is a high brightness source of single photons. Using our patented technology, up to 8 solid-state single photon sources are fiber-coupled and installed in a dedicated within the same cryostat the single photon sources single photon detectors.
  • High brightness in the near-infrared
  • A turn-key cryogenic system
  • Compatible with Single Quantum detectors