ARS Cryogenics

Cryogenic Solutions Provided by Advanced Research Systems

ARS is the world-leading expert in engineering helium-free cryostats, flow cryostats, and probe stations tailored for your applications. We provide cryogenic closed- and open-cycle solutions from 1.5 – 800 K; up to 1.6W cooling power; ultralow vibrations < 2 nm; and high fields magnetic fields (up to 9T). Our cryogenic solutions are used for cutting-edge experiments ranging from quantum science, optical spectroscopy, to neutron scattering.

Closed-Cycle Cryostats and Related

µDrift, Nanoscience Cryostat
Featuring 300nm drift at 50K, 54µm drift at 300K, <5nm peak-to-peak vibrations, 3mK temperature stability, flexible sample workspace, and superior optical access.

Closed-Cycle Cryocoolers
Pneumatically driven GM cryocoolers perfect for low-vibration experimental setups.

Probe stations
High performance laboratory devices with up to 1.5W cooling power, high magnetic field, RF probes up to 67Ghz, 10-11 bakeable UHV chambers, ultra low vibration options, precise positioning and versatile probe tips.

Other cryogenic solutions