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Photon Number Resolving Detectors

Photon number resolving (PNR) detectors can recognize the number of arriving photons in one detection event. Until now, single-photon detectors based on superconducting nanowires (SNSPDs) could only resolve the photon number by making a multi-pixel array of SNSPDs connected to a read-out circuit that determine how many pixels click simultaneously. However, the need for more pixels increases the cost of the system and still has the probability that multiple photons are absorbed in the same pixel, reducing the photon number information. Single Quantum has recently improved the timing jitter and recovery time of SNSPDs. This allows for a less complicated solution for PNR: with only one SNSPD, the PNR can be measured through a simple jitter measurement.

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Using an Oscilloscope as a Correlator

Photon-correlation measurements are the backbone of quantum-optics experiments and are performed with dedicated hardware; a so-called “correlator”. Under some circumstances, it would be beneficial to perform correlation measurements with an oscilloscope, because pulses and trigger levels can be visualized and the timing jitter is superior.

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Imaging the deep brain with infrared light

The field of brain imaging uses various techniques to image the structure and function of the nervous system. It is an emerging discipline crossing the boundary of medicine and neuroscience that has seen tremendous advances in recent years. In this article, we show deep brain imaging achieved with infrared light while utilizing SNSPD’s.

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